Foto eines mehrfach geflickten, nicht Vertrauen erweckenden Holzsteiges, der über ein grünes Wasser führt.
Taken in the same spot as the rickety boat house, in Penang. This was quite a tricky shot - the jetty was fantastically unstable, and behind me, at the end of the run, there was a rabid barking dog, which I later had to fend off with the tripd legs. I couldn't open the lens out much more, as there was a rather unlovely block at the far end (we are facing back to the shore here). Getting to a stable enough place to allow a long exposure (only 1.5 minutes was also a challenge. After the shot, I had to walk backwards off the jetty for quite a long way, poking the tripod at the snarling dog that was trying to have a go at me. All in all I was glad to get back to terra firma.

On second thoughts I think I’ll walk.

Technical Details

  • Camera: E-P5
  • Taken: 31. July 2014
  • Focal length: 16mm
  • Exposure: 94,0 seconds
  • ISO: 200